Top Window Replacement Faqs

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There are several questions that most homeowners who want to do window replacement find themselves asking. Here are the top window replacements FAQs.

How can I tell that I need window replacement?

There are several telltale signs that should let you know that you require new windows and most of these are quite obvious. These include:

  • Warm spots and cool drafts. When these are noted around frames, it is an indication that the windows are allowing air to enter and escape. It is important for windows to block drafts if they are to preserve energy in the home.
  • You need to update your aesthetics. When you have pealing windows or have broken glass or frail aluminum, it is a good indication that you need to change your windows.
  • Buildup of ice or frost

Will window replacement help to save my heating and cooling cost?

If you are currently receiving high heating and cooling bills, you should consider doing window replacement. You can even save energy more by replacing with windows that rated with Energy Star as these can help you reduce your energy costs by up to 12 percent. This means that you will be proud of your beautiful windows and you will save money.

How much will it cost to replace my windows?

The cost of window replacement will depend on various variables such as condition of the windows, age of the home, level of damage and whether you intend to change the shape and opening. Your home replacement company will give you a quote depending on your individual need.

Is it possible to replace windows during winter?

Absolutely! If you find that there are cool drafts and heat loss in your home, you should not put your comfort on hold. Window installations are also done during winter as long as the conditions are safe.

Does window replacement increase the value of my home?

Homebuilding experts suggest that window replacement can increase the value of your home as it adds to the visual impact on the inside and outside.

How do I prepare my home for windows replacements?

You should remove the blinds, curtains and other window treatment. Remove and turn off any window sensors. You should also remove anything that may be standing in the way of the window replacement staffs.

With the window replacement be done on the inside or outside?

Most of the window replacements are usually done on the outside. However, there are situations where the replacements need to be done from the inside. Before the replacement can be done, the expert will assess your situation and find a process that bests suits your home. The situation for me was quiet easily handled when i hired a St. Louis window replacement expert and either option was not a challenge for them.

How long will the window replacement take? How much time should I give the window installation company?

It can take between 1 and 4 weeks to complete the window replacement from the day that the measurements are done. The time needed will depend on the window that is being installed and the one that is being removed. On average it can take around 30 minutes to complete window replacement.

Living with Back Pain

back pain management
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Back pain has been termed as the pain one feels in the back. The back extends from the lower side of the head all the way to the thorax and includes the cervical spine, the thoracic spine, the lumbar region, and the sacral spine. The pain in the back should not be ignored unless it comes for a short while due to fatigue then completely disappears. It can range between mild, medium and intense pain. If you are suspecting anything is wrong with your back due to constant or momentary pain, then you will benefit from the following information.

Types of back pain

Back pain can be of various types and can be classified according to the extent of the pain, or the characteristics of the pain. In terms of the extent of the pain, back pain can be classified as either acute, subacute, and chronic. Acute back pain lasts up to 12 weeks consistently. Subacute pain is the reference to the second half of the acute pain and lasts for the better part of the 6 months. Chronic pain lasts for the period beyond 12 weeks. Based on the characteristics of the pain, back pain can be classified as specific, nonspecific, or radicular. Specific pain is pain whose cause is a known medical condition such as a disease. Nonspecific pain, which is the most common type of pain, is back pain whose origin can be attributed to many different sources such as tissues, muscles, fascia and ligaments. Radicular back pain is associated with problems to the nerves or the nervous system as a whole.

Back pain conditions

The conditions associated with back pain vary according to the cause and extent of the pain. If a patient notes that their back pain is causing them to loose weight and have fever, they should seek immediate medical attention. Also, if they notice back pain is as associated with numbness and weakness in the legs, they should also seek immediate medical advice since it may eventually lead to difficulty in controlling the bowels and the bladder. In the long term, it may lead to paralysis in the patient hence the best care should be taken for this case.

Back pain diagnosis

The diagnosis of back pain takes the form of combining an examination of the medical history, carrying out physical tests using the hand and X-ray and ultrasound machines. The patient should state precisely what they feel and when they first felt the pain. For all you may know, the pain could have been there for a long time but was being ignored until it was too late.

Back pain management and prevention

For effective back pain management, most painkillers will be used to alleviate the pain of the patient. Due to the extent of the pain, the doctor will prescribe the exact strength of painkillers. The patient should ensure that they follow the doctor’s instructions to prevent further damage to the back and to heal the damage already sustained. To prevent back pain, follow a healthy routine which entails physical exercise and correct lifting procedures.

Performing a chiropractic examination

chiropractorsChiropractors are tasked with the role of finding out exactly what the patient is suffering from. Although people view chiropractic examinations as different, they are similar to normal medical examinations in many ways. In fact, the same three-step procedure of consultation, case history and physical examination are followed in this field too. The first stage entails a conversation between the patient and the chiropractor.

The patient gives the chiropractor all the details of their condition including where it is painful, whether the pain is intermittent or constant, how long they have suffered from this pain,many anything they suspect to have been the course of the pain. From the consultation sessions, the chiropractor can classify the pain into categories including mild, medium, intense, acute, subacute, chronic, specific, radicular or nonspecific. Given that chiropractic care focuses on employing mechanical approaches to pain relief and restoration of function, it is well suited for nonspecific types of pain. Following consultations, the chiropractor then reviews the medical history of the patient to reveal other problems that may not have been identified from the conversation with the patient. Doctors often reveal that the specific pain in question may be a result of another problem altogether.

Physical tests

The chiropractor will carry out physical tests on the patient. Physical tests vary in types and focus but are all meant to reveal the exact nature of the problem at hand. First on the list are common diagnostic studies. They are focused on using machines to find out about the internal structure of the affected area using machines and other tools. Chiropractors are trained to use various types of equipment such as ultrasound machines, radiography or X-ray machines, lab diagnostic tools, neurodiagnostics and CT-Scanning machines.

The Neurologic tests.

They include tests on the motor strength, motor coordination, nerve root tension, nerve root compression, pathological reflexes, deep tendon and others of a similar kind. Coupled with these exercises are cardiovascular and orthopedic examinations and tests.

Specialized assessment is another group of tests which are performed to assess the lower back and how much it can keep up with its requirements. They include tests on the muscle tone, the muscle strength, the stability of the body, and the range of motion.

Lastly, evaluation and management services are also put in place to figure out localized misalignments in the bones and joints of the body. They are carried out on the bones, joints, tendons and muscles in the major areas of the body such as the head, spine and extremities and others. These checks reveal any defects, misalignments, tenderness, or asymmetric proportions in the body for the right treatment.

Chiropractic care is wholesome in nature such that it aims at doing service to the bipedal structure to keep the normal gait and posture intact and strong enough for the individual to perform the tasks and maneuvers expected of them. Depending on the results of the tests, the chiropractor can choose to carry out either chiropractic adjustments or chiropractic mobilization or a combination of the two.


Hey, looking to know what exactly makes a best base window? I have come across people debating whether a sliding window is better than a casement window; well, everyone has a different taste of what is good, but lets see what a basement contractor expert have to say concerning these two variables; And we will compare them base on their pros and cons.

a basement contractor
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Cаѕеmеnt Windows

Thе Pros:

Casement windоwѕ оffеr thе mаximum amount of vеntilаtiоn. Thеу ореn оutwаrd and саn саtсh side brееzеѕ, frеѕh air, аnd light mоrе еаѕilу than other windоwѕ. Whеn closed their tight ѕеаlѕ make саѕеmеnt windows vеrу energy efficient.

Thеѕе windоwѕ аrе good сhоiсеѕ fоr hаrd to rеасh рlасеѕ. Thаt’ѕ whу you will find саѕеmеnt windоwѕ over kitсhеn ѕinkѕ. Because уоu uѕе a crank tо open thеm (inѕtеаd оf ѕliding thеm up аnd down) thеу аrе еаѕiеr tо open аnd сlоѕе.

Thе Cons:

Althоugh саѕеmеnt windоwѕ аrе uѕuаllу hаrd tо brеаk intо, if their hаrdwаrе is ruѕtу оr fаultу thеу соuld bе a gооd tаrgеt fоr burglаrѕ. If they need rераir you ѕhоuld consult with a соntrасtоr to find thе right rерlасеmеnt раrtѕ or tо hаvе a nеw casement inѕtаllеd.

Sliding Windоwѕ

The Pros оf ѕliding windows

They аrе easy tо mаintаin: Basically, sliding windows аrе composed оf fеwеr раrtѕ аѕ compared to оthеr conventional windоwѕ. Thеу аrе one оf thе ѕimрlеѕt windows thаt can bе found in thе market. Pеорlе lоvе them bесаuѕе they dеmаnd less mаintеnаnсе рrасtiсеѕ.

They are rеlаtivеlу сhеар: Aѕ a result оf thе fасt thаt they have fеwеr соmроnеntѕ, thеу саn bе оbtаinеd cheaply in the market. Thеу аrе thе most рrеfеrrеd windоwѕ ѕinсе they ѕеrvе similar рurроѕеѕ likе оthеr windоwѕ but they go fоr lеѕѕ.

They are durable: Idеаllу, they dо nоt rely оn pulleys or ѕрringѕ tо funсtiоn. Thеrеfоrе, thеrе аrе nо ѕituаtiоnѕ like рullеу failure аnd thеrе is nо need tо worry about a window failing to funсtiоn.

Thеу are energy еffiсiеnt: Thе uѕе of slider window glаzing boosts thе windоw’ѕ inѕulаting capabilities аnd energy еffiсiеnсу. Thiѕ ѕаvеѕ оn mоnеу since lеѕѕ еnеrgу соѕtѕ will bе inсurrеd.

Are thеrе any соnѕ оf a ѕliding windоw?

Bаѕiсаllу, sliding windоwѕ аrе superior tо mоѕt other windоwѕ. Hоwеvеr, thеу have оnе or twо dоwnѕidеѕ.

When sliders fаilѕ, thеn there iѕ nееd to rерlасе thе whole unit. This саn bе соѕtlу and timе соnѕuming. At timеѕ, сlеаning the outside оf thе windows саn bе a сhаllеngе to some individuаlѕ

Thе bottom linе

Sliding windows will always rеmаin to bе a highly vаluеd asset. Hоnеѕtlу, сuѕtоmеr rеviеwѕ ѕhоwѕ thаt this types оf windоwѕ pose lеѕѕ сhаllеngеѕ tо their uѕеrѕ.


Top 3 benefits of energy efficient windows

St. Charles window expertWhen it comes to home improvement projects, there are few projects that will offer you a return on your investment as the new windows. Not only they add to the curb appeal and improve the comfort of your home but they can help you save some money by improving the energy efficiency of your home.

Windows that are energy efficient have been designed in a way that they are able to keep the warm air inside the house and the cold air outside. The windows are usually multiple-glazed with low E-coatings. The high quality frames and edge spacers are quite common when it comes to energy efficient windows.

Some of the key advantages of the energy efficient windows are:

Energy cost savings

The number one pro of the energy efficient windows is that they are able to eliminate entry as well as leakage of air during the winter and summer months. When they are paired with Low-E triple or double glass containing argon, new windows will help to ensure that your home remain cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter months reducing your heating and cooling cost. HVAC experts suggest that with energy efficient windows, it is possible to save between 11 and 24 percent of your heating and cooling cost. The savings made will depend on the window’s type and condition. In climates that need cooling, you can make a saving of between 7 and 31 percent.

Less condensation and sunlight

The Low-E has a thin metal layer that helps to protect it. The glass is able to prevent condensation that can result in the buildup of frost on the windows. When there is collection of frost on windows, the room will feel colder and this will call for extra heating. The harmful rays of the sun can cause your artwork, fabric, paper, wood and carpet to fade. When you have energy efficient coatings on the window glasses, they can minimize the amount of the ultraviolet rays by up to 75 percent.

Greater level of comfort

The energy efficient windows have been made to get rid of drafts. When it comes to the older windows that are not energy efficient, one of the common complains that home owners make is on drafty windows. Cold glass result in uncomfortable drafts when there is cooling and dropping of the air next to the windows. This results in a movement pattern that will feel drafty and causes an increase in heat loss.

When the home is protected against condensation, drafts and leaks, energy efficient windows can help to minimize peak cooling and heating loads. This makes it possible for the homeowner to install the smaller heating & cooling systems that cost less. The energy efficient windows don’t need tinting so as to perform. This is because tinting can obstruct view and reduce visible light. New windows are well placed to protect your and your family from outside noise.

When you replace your current window with energy efficient units, it is possible to recoup over 78% of the cost of the project upon resale. Therefore, there are numerous benefits of choosing energy efficient windows, Even many St. Charles window expert now do recommend their clients to go for efficient windows.

Tips to Get Your Home Organized for summer

carpets cleaned in O'FallonSummer is a good time of the year to organize the home and even oneself. Becoming organized can be easier said than done, but this article will help you organize your life and home in an easy way.

  1. Decide what needs to be organized.

    Take a few days at least to create a big list of things to organize. Ask members of your family and friends for some advice on what to put on this list so you can have absolutely everything written down. If you cannot think of some things right away, go ahead and take a few hours of break. When you return to the list after taking a break, you will probably be able to list new ways of organizing the home. Note that if your writing is sloppy or hard to read, you can go ahead and write the list on a computer if you have access to one.

  2. Organize the small things first.

    Do you need to help children organize their toys? Try to do things similar to this concept first. These should be things easy on your list which have only a small amount of time to carry out. If the task takes over five hours to do, try to do the task later in the summer.

  3. Move on to the great tasks.

    After all the small tasks are complete, it’s time to move on to more important tasks. These tasks will certainly take more time, and if you can perform a task daily, it’d be good. Your goal should be to try to achieve at least five major tasks for a week until the end.

  4. Do a thorough cleaning of your home.

    Go through all your drawers, closets, etc., to make sure everything is in its rightful position. Try to avoid putting random objects that do not belong together in one area, as this will be confusing when you’re looking for something. Instead, try to classify all elements in separate containers on the basis of what they do. For example, keep all cleaning products (brooms, shovels, etc.) in a cupboard in your house, getting carpet cleaned, i remember getting our carpets cleaned in O’Fallon summer holiday was one of the hardest tasked but we over came anyway.

  5. Have your schedule figured out.

    In addition to organizing your home, you also need to organize your life on a daily basis. Try not to plan too far in doing this because you probably do not know what events may occur in winter. Instead, plan your activities on a week by week basis on a planner or calendar. Make sure you write where the event will take place, the time of t he event, the day the events will be over, and other important information.


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Basement flooring is one of the questions homeowners have about good home improvement decisions. The basement finishing is always more problematic than other areas of the home.

Laminate Flooring

If the idea of hardwood flooring in your basement is what you like, do not install solid hardwood. Laminate flooring is a better option than engineered hardwood flooring. This flooring option is a viable flooring option in the basement area because most manufacturers offer a thin cushion and a very dense material that insulates and quietens the laminate sound of an engineered product. Most manufacturers make use of foam products for laminates but don’t just think that you can go out and purchase the cheapest laminate flooring you can find and make it work. Basement Laminate flooring is especially manufactured to stand the moisture of the basement, and if you buy the wrong grade, it will lead to problems.

Carpet for Basement Flooring

Carpet is one of the best choice over a concrete basement floor because it breathes to allow the moisture emitted to escape from the basement floor. It has wonderful insulating capabilities and has a great value. Another advantage of carpet Is that it insulates the basement from the elements.


Even though both carpets and laminate floors are popular choices with cheap prices when compared to solid hardwood flooring, Laminate flooring is considered more hypoallergenic and hygienic than carpet because it is easily cleaned and dirt is easy to notice.

Carpet tends to retain pollen and dust, it stains more easily, and there are usually a build up mildew and mold when exposed to moisture, which makes it a less desirable option for people who are struggling with allergies.

Both flooring types are practically similar in price but high-end carpeting will most likely cost much more than high-end laminate flooring. Also, Installation costs must also be put into consideration. Some planks often found in laminate flooring can make installing it relatively easy. While Carpet can also be self-installed, but it is not as easy.

My three favorite window types

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There is a wide range of windows designs and sizes that you can choose from. These windows have different structure, glass and even opening mechanisms. In the recent past, there has been an increase in popularity of the new opening mechanisms like pivot and friction hinges. Window shapes, materials and sizes can differ widely. Therefore, it is important for you to read through the manufacturer’s literature. If you intend to have a window replacement for the older homes, these can be customized to meet your requirement.

Generally, you will need to choose the mechanism and material of your window to match the original piece. However, there are also several exceptions to the rule. For instance, the latest sash windows are currently available with a spiral balance despite the fact that they have the same look as the original. If you intend to replace all the windows in your home, you will need to consider energy efficient windows such as the triple or double glazing. Here are my 3 favorite windows that you should consider replacing with;

Casement windows

Casement windows are some of the most commonly used windows. These could be made of metal, vinyl or wood casements and consist of several casement openings that are hinged on one side. These usually pivot outwards while fixed on hinges just like it is the case with door. One advantage of these home window styles is that they can help to control and maximize breezes while directing air to one part of a room. The windows have been designed to allow for maximum ventilation of your room. These types of windows are also available in single or even multiple frames and are a great option in homes where there is limited space on the inside.

Awning windows

Awning windows are usually hinged at the top of frame and open by swinging out. While it is not possible to open the entire window in the awning design, this design is a good option for regulating the amount of air particularly when it is raining. In comparison to the sliding window, awning windows perform better in regard to energy efficiency. This is due to the fact that they leak minimal air since the sash is able to provide an airtight seal when it pressed against frame to close.

Picture windows

Picture windows are usually fixed and don’t open. These are suitable for areas that are difficult to reach so that they allow light to enter. If you would like to enjoy unobstructed view in area where ventilation is not your major concern, picture windows are just the right option. This is because they create a portrait like space on the walls and this is where the word picture comes in. The windows are also a good option for letting in the natural light in areas that can be affected by drafts.

To enhance the performance and increase the level of comfort in the home, insulated glass is the right choice for these types of windows. Insulation glass usually consists of 2 or more glass panes that have air space that is hermetically sealed in between them. To improve performance, optional inert gases such as krypton or argon can be used between the panes to enhance energy savings and thermal performance.

What is a bay window?

St. Louis replacement windowsA bay window consists of a window space that projects outside from the building’s main wall to form a bay in the room. Some of the common inside angles of the windows are at 90 degrees, 135 degrees and 150 degrees. However, there are triangular bays that consist of 2 windows that are set at 120 degrees.


A canted bay window consists of a front that is flat and sides that are angled. An oriel window is a type of bay window that is supported using bracket and corbel. Bay widows can be a beautiful addition to your home. This is because they add to the space and air quality, something that you cannot get with your regular window. If you are considering whether bay windows are good for you, here are pro and cons that are worth considering.


  • Bay windows allow natural light to get into a room. Due to their panoramic nature, bay windows are able to allow more natural light to enter into the home from different directions at the same time.
  • They can add space. With bay windows, it is possible to extend the room’s length by up to 3 feet. When you combine this with the increased coverage area that is gotten from the window, you see why the windows are able to make the size of your room to appear larger.
  • Add value to the home. Many people love the look of the bay windows. The glass offers a feeling of a clean and modern style. The fact that they increase the square footage also means that you can get a higher sales value for the home the moment you decide to sell it.


  • Bay windows allow a lot of natural light to get into your home. Since there will be a lot of extra sunlight that you will be getting in through bay windows, you need to ensure that you choose windows that have a high energy ratings against the solar heat gain. If you prefer sleeping in a room that is completely dark, you may need to opt for another kind of window.
  • Difficult to get window treatments. Due to the configurations and angles of the bay windows, it can be hard to install the hardware for blinds, curtains as well as other treatments.
  • When bay windows are poorly installed, it can cause problems. If you opt for the bay window, you should consider hiring a professional installer. This is due to the fact that bay windows need to be properly supported to ensure that the foundation isn’t at a risk of settling and that the load-bearing windows get used where necessary.

Bay windows, particularly the medieval types usually appear as an ornamental addition to a building and not an organic part of the structure. Despite the fact that they are not available with screens, bay windows can offer style, romance and grace in a room, Almost all recent St. Louis replacement windows project i have supervised have opted for a bay window, its really become a trend in this region. These types of windows are preferred for the reading rooms, cozy kitchens and occasional bedroom.

The therapies employed to treat back pain

best st louis chiropractors

best st louis chiropractors for back pain cure


if the patient has been diagnosed with defects in the feet and lower back pain such as flat feet, leg-length deficiency and sub taker instability, a specialist such as a chiropractor will be required to balance the differences in the two feet by placing a small heel in the shorter leg, and other measures aimed at stabilizing the pelvis.


Sound waves are harnessed in creating deep heat therapy which is then applied to joints and soft tissues in what is referred to as micro-massaging. It reduces back pain, dissipates stiffness and spasms besides accelerating healing process through increasing the blood flow to the affected area.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators (TENS);

The Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators method uses electrodes that placed over the irritable area to reduce the pain in there in. The patient has the ability to vary the intensity of the electrical charge. This method is vital in blocking the transmission of pain signals via the nerves. It also aids in releasing endorphins which act as the natural painkillers of the body.

Patient education;

A chiropractor has to advise on a set of lifestyle changes such as nutritional diet routines, self-care and other coping strategies for those patients with lower back pain.


This method employs a form of shortwave, electro-magnetic therapy which that passes through the softer tissues. It then provides heat to the denser tissues thereby relaxing the muscles and specific connective tissues. It decreases any muscle spasms then accelerates the healing process by the blood increasing circulation. Chiropractic care that utilizes diathermy have the treated area typically feeling pleasantly warm.


Most chiropractic traction massages entail patient lying face-up while a series of rollers moves on the back. The movement of the rollers stretches and massages the back in the process. Experts have also used other traction machines in stretching the spine, decompressing its discs and reducing the amount of pressure on nerve roots in what is known medically as non-medical decompression.

Cold laser therapy;

Cold laser therapy uses laser to send particles of energy their the skin surface to the cell membrane where it is absorbed by the photoreceptors. These tissues and cells after that convert the light energy into biochemical energy. This triggers and fuels a biological process that decreases swelling, reduces the back pain and improves blood circulation. Inflammation is also reduced in this way.


In the process of chiropractic care, an expert may recommend changes like changes to their work stations that are applied to home work environments. This form of therapy may fail or succeed depending on the relationship between the patient and their job environment both at home or at work.


Chiropractors employ massages on the soft tissues while focusing on improving the circulation, reducing the swelling and inflammations that linked to back pain, and hasten healing.

Dietary management;

Chiropractors provide their patients with guidelines and directions on improving their diet in an effort to reduce back pain. Supplements are also recommended as they help with good health.