Four Healthy Treats

Health is wealth. What we eat dictates who we become. Perhaps everyone understands the importance of health but very few follow the proper eating habits. As they encounter any fast food joint they forget all the rules and religiously follow their taste buds. Given below are few healthy meals that can retain our health as well as satisfy our taste buds too.

Healthy Food Ideas

1. Mashed boiled potatoes salad: We can boil two or three potatoes mash them and add finely chopped tomatoes, red onions, fresh coriander, finely chopped cabbage, capsicum, salt and pepper to taste. Mix them well and toss them so that the entire ingredients are well merged. Now sprinkle half lemon juice so that the salad get a tangy flavor. You may add chilli powder too if you like so. Enjoy it in the afternoons. This recipe is ideal for your tiffin. It has loads of vegetables and help you to free your body from toxins.

2. Chickpeas chaat: Boil a cup of chickpeas and add freshly cut onion, tomatoes, spinach leaves(small ones) etc. Add salt, pepper and finely cut green chilli and coriander leaves. Also, add chaat masala to give it a classic taste. Children will relish its taste and would demand it frequently. It is a healthy evening snack easy to prepare in the least time. It can also be served to guests.

3. Fruit yogurt: Take a bowl of homemade curd and keep it in a fine muslin cloth and hang it on a hook till the water is removed completely. Now take out the curd and mix honey to taste in it. Add fruits of your choice like small pieces of apple, banana, grapes, and peeled oranges to it. Now keep the bowl of mixture in a refrigerator for 2 hours. Serve cold after dinner. This recipe is an ideal treat for your guests and healthy too. This is unlike cakes, muffins and other desserts that consume lots of ingredients containing saturated fats.

4. Mix vegetable porridge: This is perhaps the healthiest food even prescribed by doctors and known to be extremely digestive in nature because of high roughage content.

Boil one cup of porridge adding two cups of water in a pressure cooker. Now in a wok add one tablespoon of olive oil and heat it. Now sputter cumin seeds and add finely cut onions, sauté and add vegetables like chopped capsicum, chopped carrots, very small pieces of cauliflower, and green peas. Now cover it with a lid and allow the vegetables to become slightly soft. After about five minutes remove the lid add salt, pepper and finely ground turmeric powder. Sauté for two minutes. Add boiled porridge into the vegetable mixture and with the help of wooden spoon mix the entire contents well. Sprinkle finely chopped green coriander leaves and serve hot. It is an ideal breakfast recipe full of energy and without any fatty substance.

There is no need for preparing elaborate meals in order to ensure good health but small innovative efforts can do magic to your health.